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Is a library that allows the creation of electronic documents easily. It is the ideal companion MyBusiness POS, offering simple integration for versions 2006 to 2011 and is integrated by default in version 2012, but can be used in a lot of programming languages ​​or from simple text files .

 What added value we give our customers for buying MyCFDI and tax stamps ?
Storage. The portal provides storage MyCFDI no additional cost vouchers . The data, as well as being on our servers, will support automatic storage systems to the issuance of the invoice for the case of a fault not covered .
Security . The electronic invoice is not generated on our servers, but that is done directly on the client machine which ensures that a copy of the bill will be on the machine that issued it. This allows the user to perform their own backups in addition to the great advantage of not having to provide the FIEL or seals provided with the SAT to third parties , preventing mismanagement .
Edition of a PDF . It is the only tool on the market that provides a tool for editing your forms directly on the client's computer , allowing you to easily achieve professional designs including images and logos , without paying extra .
Flexibility. MyCFDI is the only tool on the market that can include information on the invoice only to be printed in the PDF file , this way , the addendum is free for use under other circumstances.
Validation and storage of electronic invoices received . MyCFDIofrece storage service users who are receiving bills all you have to do is upload your XML and PDF files at the following address simultaneously validated according to the label and structure.
Distribution . Service has MyCFDI email distribution of electronic invoicing . If you issue invoices with us simply can indicate who or who receive a copy of the invoice , this way you can , for example, send a copy to accounting, other sales, another to store and maybe some more to account document backing store . What do you think ?
Services . MyCFDI offers a number of interesting additional services that were designed for those who want to automate the process of managing your business and build a real business network.
Statistics. The portal provides reports MyCFDI useful drill-down type as item sales , sales by customer, vendor purchases , graphics and other moreonline! .
And many other advantages more . Capturing invoices observations , filtered orders and groupings of your information, export to Excel ( TM ) and PDF viewing your bill online as XML or PDF , guardardo in almost any format known groups invoices cancellation , cancellation CFDI direct if it was issued by MyCFDI and other interesting services that are to be integrated over time to fulfill the dream of every manager : total control of your business without limits ...

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